Stillwater Neurology


Founded: 2015

Owners: John Wedlake, M.D. and David McCoy, M.D.


Areas of expertise:  Diagnosis and treatment of neurological disease.

Service Area

Stillwater Neurology is here to help you!

Surrounding Areas


We also welcome patients from the cities and towns surrounding Stillwater including, but not limited to, Perkins, Perry, Guthrie, Cushing, Pawnee, Chandler and Ponca City (just to name a few). Because of our thorough and compassionate patient care, we even have the occasional visitor from the large metropolitan areas of Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Company Profile

Stillwater Medical Center


We provide inpatient consultation services exclusively to Stillwater Medical Center. We explicitly trust the highly trained staff to take excellent care of our patients.

Stillwater, Oklahoma


We strive to provide excellent neurology care to all residents of Stillwater, Oklahoma and the surrounding areas.

Your brain is important to us.


At Stillwater Neurology, we care about your brain and nervous system. We utilize the latest technologies, precise examinations, and proven techniques to diagnose your condition. Our practice prescribes only FDA-approved or evidence-based treatments. Whether you need relief from headaches, treatment for seizures, or are in need of a neurological consultation for any reason, we can help you. We never cut corners and always do what's best for you and your health. You can trust that Stillwater Neurology will take care of you.